Beginner Butterfly Knives

Beginner Butterfly Knives

Q: “What is a butterfly knife?”

A butterfly knife, also known as a “Balisong”, “fan knife” or “Batangas knife”, is a type of folding pocketknife that originated in the Philippines.

Its distinct features are two handles counter-rotating around the tang such that, when closed, the blade is concealed within grooves in the handles. Wikipedia

Names for the knives in English include “fan knives” and “butterfly knives” from the motion, and “click clacks” from the sound they make when they are opened and closed.

Q: “Are butterfly knives sharp?

Some can be but most are blunt. This website is about blunt butterfly knives witch are safer for kids

Q: “What are the safest butterfly knives for kids?”

Never let a kid use a sharp Butterfly Knife because they will hurt themselves or others. But blunt butterfly knives are safe and fun for kids to learn tricks with.

Q: “How old should my kid be to have a butterfly knife?”

If you are talking about a trainer/blunt knife then any age is fine. But if you are looking at live blades/sharp then I would suggest around 15. But there are as young as 12 year olds using live blades/sharp in some countries. The skill can be learned so long as you have the required finger control.

Q: “Are butterfly knives illegal in my country?”

The good news is that blunt butterfly knives are legal in all countries. But sharp butterfly knives are illegal in most countries, states and cities. Here is the list:

  • Australia: illegal
  • Belgium: illegal
  • Canada: illegal
  • Czech republic: legal
  • Denmark: illegal
  • Finland: legal
  • France: legal
  • Germany: illegal
  • Hungary: legal
  • Ireland: illegal
  • Italy: legal
  • Lithuania: legal
  • Netherlands: legal
  • New Zealand: illegal
  • Norway: illegal
  • Philippines: illegal
  • Poland: legal
  • Russia: legal
  • Sweden: illegal
  • Switzerland: illegal
  • United Kingdom: illegal
  • States in the USA:
    • California: legal
    • Hawaii: illegal
    • Kansas: legal
    • Illinois: legal
    • Chicago: illegal
    • Indiana: legal
    • Kentucky: legal
    • Maine: legal
    • Massachusetts: legal
    • Michigan: legal
    • New Jersey: illegal
    • New Mexico: illegal
    • New York: legal
    • North Carolina: legal
    • North Dakota: legal
    • Ohio: legal
    • Oklahoma: legal
    • Oregon: illegal
    • Tennessee: illegal
    • Texas: legal
    • Utah: legal
    • Virginia: legal
    • Washington: illegal

Source: Wikipedia

Q: “Are butterfly knives (sharp or blunt) illegal?” 

It depends on where you live. In most countries, states, and cities sharp butter fly knives are illegal, but in these same locations blunt butterfly knives are legal and safe and fun to use for kids.

Butterfly knives come in lots of different colors such as black, silver, gold and rainbow and sometimes custom designs. The most popular color at the moment is black.

Butterfly Knives come in many different colours.

Q: “What are the best beginner butterfly knife tricks to learn?”

A good way to learn butterfly knife tricks is to buy your own butterfly knife to practice with, and to watch a training video on YouTube.

We have found the best butterfly knife training videos for you here:

The first video is great for teaching you 5 different butterfly knife tricks. There is no audio, but the visuals are really cool.

In the 2nd video, this one teaches you the Butterfly Knife trick called “Sidekick”. The audio instructions are really good and so are the visuals.

In the 3rd video, a professional Butterfly Knife competitor Corbin Lovins walks you through 24 levels of complexity in knife tricks from very easy to very hard.

Q: “Where do I buy my first Butterfly Knife?”

To get your first blunt Butterfly Knife you can check out your nearest Anime store.

If you don’t have a Anime store near you, you can buy online from or or