Beginner Butterfly Knives

Beginner Butterfly Knives

Q: “What is a butterfly knife?”

A butterfly knife, also known as a balisong, is a type of folding pocket knife that features two handles that pivot around the blade to close or open the knife. The handles of the butterfly knife are typically made of metal or a sturdy plastic and are attached to the blade via a series of hinges. The knife is typically carried in a closed position and can be quickly opened with a flick of the wrist.

Q: “Are butterfly knives sharp?

Butterfly knives can be sharp, but whether they are or not depends on the specific model and intended use. Some butterfly knives are designed for utility purposes, such as cutting rope or opening packages, and are manufactured with a relatively dull blade for safety reasons. Other models, such as those intended for self-defense, may have a sharper blade for more effective use in dangerous situations. Additionally, some butterfly knife enthusiasts prefer to sharpen their blades for aesthetic purposes or to perform tricks that require a sharper edge. The sharpness of a butterfly knife can also vary depending on how well it is maintained, as a dull blade can become sharpened over time through use or by honing it with a sharpening tool. Regardless of the intended use or sharpness of a butterfly knife, it’s important to handle it with caution, as any type of knife can pose a risk if handled improperly.

Q: “What are the safest butterfly knives for kids?”

The safest butterfly knives for kids are those with dull blades and made from durable materials such as plastic. Some brands offer specially designed butterfly knives for children with rounded edges, making them less likely to cause injury. It’s important to supervise children when using butterfly knives, regardless of the design, and to educate them on the proper handling and use of these knives to ensure their safety. Parents should also be aware of the legal restrictions regarding the possession and use of butterfly knives by minors, as these laws can vary by location.

Q: “How old should my kid be to have a butterfly knife?”

If you are talking about a trainer/blunt knife then any age is fine. But if you are looking at live blades/sharp then I would suggest around 15. But there are as young as 12 year olds using live blades/sharp in some countries. The skill can be learned so long as you have the required finger control.

The age at which a child can legally possess a butterfly knife varies by location and law. Parents should familiarize themselves with the laws and consider the child’s maturity and responsibility before allowing them to have a butterfly knife. It’s generally recommended that children be at least 12 years old and under adult supervision when using one.

Q: “Are butterfly knives illegal in my country?”

The good news is that blunt butterfly knives are legal in all countries. But sharp butterfly knives are illegal in most countries, states and countries. Here is the list:

  • Australia: illegal
  • Belgium: illegal
  • Canada: illegal
  • Czech republic: legal
  • Denmark: illegal
  • Finland: legal
  • France: legal
  • Germany: illegal
  • Hungary: legal
  • Ireland: illegal
  • Italy: legal
  • Lithuania: legal
  • Netherlands: legal
  • New Zealand: illegal
  • Norway: illegal
  • Philippines: illegal
  • Poland: legal
  • Russia: legal
  • Sweden: illegal
  • Switzerland: illegal
  • United Kingdom: illegal
  • States in the USA:
    • California: legal
    • Hawaii: illegal
    • Kansas: legal
    • Illinois: legal
    • Chicago: illegal
    • Indiana: legal
    • Kentucky: legal
    • Maine: legal
    • Massachusetts: legal
    • Michigan: legal
    • New Jersey: illegal
    • New Mexico: illegal
    • New York: legal
    • North Carolina: legal
    • North Dakota: legal
    • Ohio: legal
    • Oklahoma: legal
    • Oregon: illegal
    • Tennessee: illegal
    • Texas: legal
    • Utah: legal
    • Virginia: legal
    • Washington: illegal

Source: Wikipedia

Q: “Are butterfly knives (sharp or blunt) illegal?” 

It depends on where you live. In most countries, states, and cities sharp butter fly knives are illegal, but in these same locations blunt butterfly knives are legal and safe and fun to use for kids.

Butterfly knives come in lots of different colors such as black, silver, gold and rainbow and sometimes custom designs. The most popular color at the moment is black.

Butterfly Knives come in many different colours.